My transformation from a skinny Drug Kid to an international fitness model

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PumpYourLife is what I did to get the body I have today. And it worked really well. let me explain

learn how i did it

Life time access! Introductory Price Just 110 USD.

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Growing up in Israel as the son of a German was tough and I was bullied around. I grew bitter inside and was weak and skinny on the outside. I made mistakes. I took drugs. I started out as a broken person.

When I told my family and friends about my decision to become a fitness model, I was laughed at. And you know what, they were right. I had absolutely no reason to believe that I could make it. But I proved them all wrong.

My secret? There is no secret guys. My body is the result of doing some very simple things the right way every single day. I know for a fact that if you set your mind to it, and if you do these same things right, then you can have a fantastic body, too.

I did it myself, starting out with the worst basis anybody could have. As a weak and skinny drug kid. If your basis is similar or better in any way, then you can absolutely do it, too.

What I got is the way to get to that body, get those thick arms, massive chest, strong legs and wide back and shoulders.

I do not believe in over complicated training and diet programs. In fact I only do the very basics which means the minimum amount of work, but maximum results. People often try to make things heavily complicated to make their programs look professional and sophisticated, but this is not necessary at all. It will only make things harder for you.

This is not a program, it's a lifestyle to adopt. Not a package made for selling.

In a single location you get about 70 videos and 30 downloads that documents my exact training and nutrition philosophy. We filmed 30 self made recipes. Plus there is a huge section about training including deep explanations to single exercises.

...and all this without calorie counting or tracking.

It is a lifestyle; it is the simple things to do right every single day packaged into easy and fun ways in 68 Videos and 30 Downloads.

in PumpYourLife you get




Life time access! Introductory Price Just 110 USD.

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- All the exercises that I used myself to build my Arms, Sixpack, Chest, Shoulders, Back, Legs and the rest of my body.

- The complete structure of my training broken down into days.

- All my nutritious, muscle building recipes that include things like Ice Cream, Cake and Chips - in a healthy variant, of course.

- My training-, nutrition- and life-philosophy in depth.

- Inside I show you what to do and how to do it. That's it.

- No calculations, only minimum theory, zero complicated bullshit that only sounds scientific but doesn't build muscle.

No graphs or numbers, no complicated training programs.

In nutrition I have 3 diet methods that I personally use to bulk up, shred down, or to stay in shape. All of this is documented in the form of videos with voiceovers produced with high quality cinematic cameras and well edited for easy understanding. 100% accessible and fully functioning as a mobile site as well so you can take this information with you to the gym

In short: PumpYourLife is about results and the easiest,
most direct way of getting that great body.

You will do only the most effective basics, the minimum things necessary to get maximum results.

I am really excited to share this information with you, because this is what has changed my life to the better and what I always stick by.

Therefore, PumpYourLife is very different from those programs. It is not a program that somebody packaged to sell. I live it myself every day. I believe in it. It is my lifestyle.

I am just a normal guy living a fun and almost normal lifestyle which gives me an extraordinary body. Anybody can try it out and see his body change as well.

There is zero fluff in PumpYourLife. No time wasting nonsense, no overthinking... nothing that does not have great impact. I got my body by getting rid of all the bullshit.

learn how i did it

Life time access! Introductory Price Just 110 USD.

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If you are willing to watch some videos, eat the right stuff (without a nutrition plan) and follow my instructions on exercise - then I know that you can get six pack abs, massive chest, thick arms, wide shoulders and back and the whole body you deserve!

what it did for me

bodybuilders aren´t born, they are made!

learn how i did it

Life time access! Introductory Price Just 110 USD.

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Doing the exact same things I share in PumpYourLife, I literally went from this crazy weak and skinny addict first to a healthy, strong man within months... and then to international fitness model!

The fitness model part took longer, of course. We all know that if it were so easy, then everybody would do it and it wouldn't even be worth doing anymore. Anyways, far more rewarding than flying around the world and seeing my image on major fitness magazines is what it did to my mind.

I see this over and over again with people who really get into this sport: Fitness teaches you much more than the superficial stuff. Getting your body to take the shape you want truly teaches you to shape any aspect of your life the way you choose.

Looking back to how this sport pushed me over my addiction it is fair to say that fitness saved my life.

what it can do for you

PumpYourLife can literally transform your life and make you a stronger person from the ground up. If you dare to believe and apply yourself.

If you adopt this lifestyle, then I am confident that you will see significant changes. First in your body and then in your ability to achieve goals.

Let's stick with the body for now: You will have the knowledge to reach any genetically possible goal. Hopefully I can also inspire and motivate you to make the very best of what you were born with.

I recorded every single exercise that I do and show exactly how I do it. I explain how much weight I use and why, how I think about isolation exercises, why I NEVER used a training or nutrition plan(!) and how I stimulate my body to get those thick arms, massive chest and back, strong legs and wide shoulders.

If you apply the knowledge and adopt whatever works for you into your own lifestyle, then you can gain immensely. Both physically and in your personality and ability to face life in general.

who it is for and who should not join

PumpYourLife is for men who want to make the most of their bodies and have a better life.

If you want to adopt this lifestyle, you will need to bring enthusiasm for your body, you need to be a person that wants to look and feel great, and you need to believe that it is possible for you to have a body you will enjoy.

If you are somebody who can not watch short videos to the end, who does not have the guts to try out a lifestyle and make it through the first 6 weeks (after only 6 weeks it will feel natural already) and who can't make himself shop and cook some easy, delicious recipes, then please stay away.

This is not a quick fix for insane results in no time, and it is not a weight loss program.

I don't promise any results, simply because I don't know your body or your willingness to do the exercises and eat clean. The only thing I can guarantee is that if you do nothing, then nothing in your life will change. And deep inside you know that this is true, anyways.

I won't ever tell you things that are not true just to get your money. Quite the opposite as you can see.

Look, it's not easy, it's not going to be super fast... but: It is possible for you and I promise that looking back in a couple of months you will agree that it was more than worth it!

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Life time access! Introductory Price Just 110 USD.

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